People Get Ready

Emma Bosworth


“Gentle yet powerful, uplifting yet grounding, Brisbane garage-folk songstress Emma Bosworth’s new single ‘People Get Ready’, is a rousing anthem that taps into the heavy issues we all inevitably face in life, with an accompanying music video that’s just as poignant.” 
– Music Is My Muse

It’s got a chorus that stands out big time, seriously good stuff”
– Declan Byrne, Triple J on Emma’s single “People Get Ready”

Brisbane garage-folk songstress, Emma Bosworth is returning with ‘People Get Ready’, a striking first release from her forthcoming sophomore record anticipated this Spring. On a first listen to ‘People Get Ready’ you’d be forgiven for thinking Emma is reflecting on a testing trial of love lost, however the pop-glimmering track’s take home message is “that we all deal with heavy stuff in our lives in such diverse ways and something that might trigger one person into a spiral of depression, might leave another unscathed.”


‘People Get Ready’ was written with great friend and past collaborator Robert Crook at her songwriters retreat “Wild Mountains Songs”, the song was later recorded with her band Christian Harvey (Blues), Tobias Broughton, Brendan Watterson and Peter Bosworth at Jeff Lovejoy’s Blackbox Studio; and vocals were recorded with Tim Powles (The Church), who also is mixing half of the record.